This is a list of various rational and recommended fan fiction (and original fiction) stories. The stories have either been recommended by the author of HPMOR (Eliezer Yudkowsky - EY), or by fans of the series.

Author-recommended Edit

List of rational fiction recommended by EY (taken from ). They are placed here to create a single go-to page for a full list of recommended stories.

Fan-fanfiction of Methods of Rationality Edit

  • Harry Potter and Selective Perception by Kensu - (Missing-removed?)
  • Innocence by LinkHyrule5 (alternate ending of Ch. 85)

Inspired works Edit

(meant to occupy a similar ‘genre’, but not the same universe) Edit

Reasonably Complete Listing of Related and Recommended Stories Edit

based on collections here and here

title author status length (words) reviews (as of 2015-03-21) linked on
HPMoR prequels
Squibgineering credentiality updated 2013-01-01 6353 15 y
Firenze's Tale Lanthanum complete 409 2
Professors Aren't Idiots Meneldur complete 1062 11
diverging from HPMoR early in story
Daystar's Remix of Rationality daystar721 probably complete 15592 22
Headmaster Potter-Evans-Verres GreatestKingOfThemAll999 probably complete 1562 4
Minerva McGonagal and the Sensible Course of Action Phigment complete 1798 10
HPMoR: The Missing (but Necessary) Chapters qbsmd updated 2015-01-12 4985 14
One Level Deeper superdupervenience probably complete y
Memories are Golden and Death is Cheap Lewis The King complete 770 1
Nightmares of Azkaban Owl344 complete 1612 37 y
The Fallacy of Division By Zero kyrilu probably complete 752 2
Harry's Game Black Logician complete 30682 89 y
Educational centreoftheselights complete 1297 18 y
Dark Lord Material TheallknowingandUnseen updated 2012-03-18 15187 61 y
Griphook and the Strong Form EMH SooperGeenius probably complete 2638 1
diverging from HPMoR in 'Taboo Tradeoffs' arc
Depart Azkaban ThinkingSpeck updated 2014-07-01 31343 73 y
Hermione Granger and the Burden of Responsibility Squirrelloid updated 2013-02-23 24895 70 y
A Strip of Cloth laurelinwen probably complete 1742 8
Following the Phoenix hezzel complete 255130 267
Squiring the Phoenix EagleJarl updating 11361 0
Innocence linkhyrule5 complete 1232 32 y
Proximity 75th complete 7718 19 y
diverging from HPMoR during or after 'Time Pressure' arc
Of Fakes, Phoenixes, and Friendship ? probably complete y
For Summer Be3 complete 894 3
Hermione Granger and the Tesseract of Merlin writingathing 404 0 0
HPMoRCh 89 AU Ialdabaoth complete 438 1
Asking for Help qbsmd probably complete 935 6
Repairing Ignorance rumblestiltsken probably complete 1765 3
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Zombie alexanderwales complete 6879 52 y
Reductionism for the Win qbsmd complete 11528 7
Hacking the Source of Magic qbsmd complete 9323 11
Harry Potter and the cryptographic key greatcactus complete 18856 24
Nothing Left but Fire aphyer complete 12637 10 and ? probably complete ? ?
Note: exam answers deliberately neglected; should all be available in Ch. 113 reviews
How HPMoR Should Have Ended Markus Ramikin complete 320 1
HPMoR sequels
Harry Potter and the Methods of Chaos JBean210 complete 243520 119 y
Harry Potter and the Order of Chaos centreoftheselights updated 2011-11-26 5743 15 y
Dennis and the Academy dances-alone updated 2014-07-01 18665 10
Ginny Weasley and the Sealed Intelligence BayesWatch updating 8905 37
To Boldly Go Khyron42 complete 378 7
Revival xingxingzf updating 12116 4
Stephen and the Plans of Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres space fountain updating 3847 1
Hermione Granger and the Other Side-Effect foxtales probably complete 605 2
Minds, Names and Faces ShutUpAndCalculate updating
Significant Digits adeebus updating
Draco Malfoy and the Practice of Rationality taogaming complete 184,306


inspired by HPMoR or Other recommended rational stories
A Black Comedy nonjon y
Seventh Horcrux Emerald Ashes y
Harry Potter and the Natural 20 Sir Poley D&D-style Munchkinism y
Calculation fringeperson y
Something Very Special Loren Sherman y
Friendship is Optimal Iceman y
Luminosity Alicorn rational!Twilight y
Hamlet and the Philosopher’s Stone HonoreDB rational!Hamlet
Lighting up the Dark Velorien rational!Naruto
Myou’ve Gotta be Kidding Me DataPacRat
Once Upon A Tower TheOtherSarshi
Shikamaru vs the Logical Fallacies FanFicBias
Naruto and the Therapy Core brenco
Moore & Boole Jethro Harrup
Weapons Free angelicxdiscord
The Metropolitan Man alexanderwales