Quirinus Quirrell
Quirinus Quirrell (while possessed by Tom Riddle)
Vital statistics
Full name Quirinus Quirrell
Born 26 September 1955
Died 13 June 1992, near Hogwarts
Relatives Quondia Quirrell (mother)

Lirinus Lumblung (father)

In the canon
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Quirinus Quirrell is a wizard who finds one of Tom Riddle's horcruxes around March 1991. Tom Riddle then takes possession of Quirrell's body and assumes his identity to become a teacher at Hogwarts.

In June 1992, in a graveyard a few miles from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (canon), Voldemort left Quirrel's body. Relieved beyond comparison, Quirrel could only yell "Free!… Free!!!" before Voldemort ruthlessly killed him in the process of making a horcrux for Hermione Granger.