The Mirror of Perfect Reflection is a powerful magical device that shows the coherent extrapolated volition (or deepest desire, more or less) of anyone looking into it.

The Mirror was likely made in Atlantis. It is hinted at being part of an unfinished artificial general intelligence that might have saved the city. The Mirror is the only known remaining thing from Atlantis. It isn't damaged by Fiendfyre (canon).

Dumbledore places the Mirror in Hogwarts to hide the Philosopher's Stone from Voldemort and lay a trap for him.

Process of the TimelessEdit

The Process of the Timeless is a way to seal something outside of time using the Mirror. It was described by Topherius Chang. It is sometimes named after Merlin (canon).

In June 1992, Dumbledore uses the process with the intent to trap Tom Riddle, but when Riddle presents Harry as his hostage Dumbledore lets himself be trapped instead.

In the canonEdit

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