Dudley Dursley
Dudley Dursley and Parents
Dudley Dursley with his parents
Vital statistics
Full name Dudley Dursley
Aliases unknown
Taxon human Muggle (presumed)
Born unknown
Died unknown
Relatives Vernon Dursley, father

mother unknown

Personal items none known
In the canon
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Dudley Dursley is the name that Vernon Dursley told Petunia Evans he intended to give his first son when they were dating in college.

The idea of having a son named "Dudley Dursley" upset Petunia so much that she begged her sister Lily to give her a potion that would make her beautiful and liked by other people; Lily eventually complied when Petunia threatened drastic action.

It is unknown whether Vernon Dursley married, but if he did, it can be presumed that if he had a son he would have named him Dudley; thus, there may be a Dudley Dursley somewhere in the MOR universe.