Abigail Myrtle
Vital statistics
Full name Abigail Myrtle
Born (?)
Died 1943, Hogwarts
In the canon
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Abigail Myrtle is a Hogwarts student around the same time as Tom Riddle. In 1943, Riddle kills her using the gaze of Salazar Slytherin (canon)'s basilisk (canon) in order to make his first Horcrux (canon). Rubeus Hagrid (canon) is wrongly accused of the murder; he is expelled from Hogwarts and has his wand broken.

In the canonEdit

In the canon, Myrtle Warren is killed by Riddle using the basilisk. She leaves a ghost nicknamed Moaning Myrtle. In HPMOR, Myrtle does not leave a ghost as this is incompatible with the making of a Horcrux.[1]


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